God Damn, It’s a graphic tutorial

LMFAO, I’m so funny, I can’t help laughing at my own jokes. (I know I’m silly now get over it). Let’s get down to business (LOL I love how I sounded when I said that xD, Okay enough talking).

I’m Guessing you already know the basics of photoshop and have some experience with blending modes and all that stuff so now for real let’s do this.

1) Create a new file on photoshop, mine it 500x550 px.

2) Drag the picture you are going to use to the canvas:

3) Proceed to add your psd, I’m using this one with a little variations and then add your sharpen.

4) Now take this texture:

(Got it from DA, I think :s)

Put it on top of your picture and change the blending mode to “darken” then with the eraser remove the part covering your picture.

5) Now add this one:

(Credit to Lostandtaken)

Change the blending mode to “screen” and the fill to 36%.

6) Add this polaroid texture by illusionofperfection on DA

7) this texture by stewark.tumblr

and change the blending mode to darken

8) then this one also by Stewark

Set it to multiply and remove the parts covering the picture, now you should have this:

9) And this is the tutorial for the text:

Boxes around text (paper scraps)

I Recommend you to be creative play around, go crazy and sky is not the limit, there’s no fucking limit, okay? so, that’s all…

and TADA! you are done.

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