Make up tutorial

For this tutorial you need basic knowledge of photoshop and be familiarized with the blending modes and creations of layers.

I will teach you how to add make up to pictures, we will be working with this one:

Before we begin, let me introduce you to our friend, The Eye dropper tool (I)

With this tool we can grab examples of colors on our pictures and everything just by clicking on them and the color will automatically appear on the colors palette of our tool bar

. Knowing that, we can start with our tutorial.

1) Start by creating a new layer (SHIFT+CTRL+N) and name it “cheeks” and with the eye dropper tool take a sample of the color of the cheeks, by example:

and then adjust that color to your like, then select a soft brush and lower the opacity to 50%

2) Start painting over the cheeks, then change the blending mode of that layer to “multiply” and lower the fill to 65%, it nows look like this:

3) Create a new layer and name it “lips” then pick a color with the eye dropper tool and adjust it to your preference and once again paint over it, then change the blending mode of the layer to “multiply” and lower the opacity if you want, on my case I won’t lower it.

4) Once again create a new layer and this time name it “Eye shadow”, on here you don’t need to pick the color just add the one you like. I want kind of a soft purple tone so I’m using this one #b583ba, you already know what to do. Paint over it and change the blending mode to multiply and adjust the opacity to your choice, mine was 85% and I have this:

5) Now this is completely optional, this is what you are going to do:

Duplicate your picture and select the “burn tool (O)” and set your settings like the ones I have here:

and pass it over the eyelashes and the eyebrows if you want, only to make them look darker and prettier:

6) and that’s it, It may look like too much but remember you are going to add a coloring to this picture, then sharpen it and you are done :D

(The PSD used on this picture was made by me)


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